Hart Couture was created for individuals looking for a unique and elegant style for many occasions, from formal to casual settings. The brand evokes the cultural wealth and eclectic style of Caracas, Venezuela, expressing its cosmopolitan vibe through a blend of modern and European influences.

Caracas Collection


The CARACAS Collection is devoted to the capital of Venezuela where the line was manufactured. Caracas in located in the Northern-central part of Venezuela and is the country’s main culture, education, business and manufacturing center. The collection conveys capital’s sophisticated and cosmopolitan character highlighting the most beautiful areas of the city and their traditional and gracious charm. The collection is designed for both men and women who are looking for a unique, yet elegant look.

Inspired by Caracas diverse scenery, the pieces are designed for professional to casual occasions. The large Caracas area includes a metropolitan setting and also astounding landscapes, beautiful sandy beaches and marvelous mountain views. Each piece of the collection is named after different areas of the city (Altamira, Cafetal, Lagunita, Sebucan, Avila, etc).

The collection also introduces a key wardrobe piece in Venezuelan culture and a classic, the Guayabera—a men's shirt typically distinguished by two vertical rows of closely sewn pleats that run the length of the front and back of the shirt. The shirt is typically worn untucked. The Guayabera is considered a great option for important events like weddings and galas as well as casual beach setting. It gained popularity starting in the 1950's and spread across South, Central and North Americas. To this day the Guayabera is a must-have in every Latin wardrobe.